If you are planning a trip to Ireland, don’t make Dublin a fly-in/fly-out city. Spend some time in our capital and let us show you why Dublin should definitely be on your bucket list. 

The People

Dublin people have a certain personality that’s hard to find anywhere else. Our charm and warm nature earns us a well-deserved place at the top of the world’s friendliest countries. There is a certain humour in Dublin people that can be hard to get at first but once you’re in on the joke, you’re one of us. When you’re in a Dublin pub and announce yourself as an out of towner, someone will always send over a drink, usually a glass of the black stuff. Some of the most talented Irish people around the world came from the capitol, like Imelda May and of course, Bono.

The Art

The countries capital is home to some of the finest works of art that can be found in the entire country. The National Art Gallery contains the most fantastic works from both national and international artists and it’s free to enter. Our Modern Art Gallery is beautiful from the moment you step through the gates, everything from the gardens and the building itself to the sculptures and art inside are fascinating. The street art scene in Dublin is growing daily thanks to Subset and it really gives our home a character and personality.

The Culture and Heritage

Even if you have no interest in the past, Dublin’s history reads more like an action film than a boring school book! We have everything from art and culture to civil war and revolution.  You may not realise you are walking on some of the most famous (or infamous) streets in the capital and the buildings, in the city particularly, have really exciting and fascinating stories to tell. You could visit the GPO to witness the drama of the 1916 rising or the Tenement Museum to see how the city’s poorest lived.

Craic Agus Ceol 

I have no doubt you will be visiting Dublin expecting a good time, be it in our pubs, on our music-filled streets or in the home of the finest stout or whiskey in the world. Our pubs are some of the best in the world without a doubt but what makes them that extra bit special? It’s the combination of great alcohol (often in abundance!), the good-humoured locals and the special ingredient is the music. Irish music is world-renowned and some of the world’s best artists claim Irish heritage.  Visit Temple bar for some fantastic live music but try to visit a couple of local pubs to meet the real Dublin characters. Our pubs often double as restaurants and that’s another reason to visit alone. Ireland prides itself on its superb quality meat, veg and dairy, a lot of which is homegrown.

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