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Hidden Gems around Glasnevin

From spooky stories of body snatchers to the best pint of Guinness in Dublin, Glasnevin has it all. Being slightly off the beaten track means we have many gorgeous landmarks that aren’t overrun with tourists and visitors. Not only do we have plenty of places to visit, there are a great variety of pubs and restaurants and it’s a safe and accessible place to call home. Here are our picks of the hidden gems in Glasnevin

Glasnevin Cemetery:

It may sound morbid but one of the most famous and visited landmarks in Glasnevin is an ancient graveyard! The cemetery has been open since 1832 and is the final resting place of an amazing 1.5 million people, making it the largest burial site in Ireland. The tranquility of the area makes the graveyard a wonderful place to spend an afternoon, visiting the graves of many important people in Irish history from renowned author and poets to former presidents. While there you can take a cemetery tour, visit the museum & trace your family tree online.

O’Connell Tower in Glasnevin:

Fascinatingly, the watchtowers surrounding Glasnevin Cemetery were originally built to deter graverobbers, who would dig up freshly lain corpses and sell them to surgeons and medical schools as cadavers with no questions asked. The stairs in the O’Connell Tower were blown up by terrorists in 1971 meaning the tower could not be used or visited. Recently the stairs were restored so you can again climb to the top of the tower. Luckily body snatchers are no longer a concern, but you can enjoy fantastic panoramic views of Dublin. On a clear day, you can also see two of our surrounding counties, Meath and Louth.

Gravediggers Pub:

Named after the infamous body snatchers roaming Glasnevin cemetery who used to pop in for a drink after a hard night of digging, the Gravediggers pub is a lovely old-school pub standing since 1833. It’s weathered wooden bar and delicious homemade meals give it a real homely feel. The official name of the pub is ‘John Kavanaghs’ and there is still a 7th generation Kavanagh working behind the scenes to make the delicious tapas-style food. It’s slightly off the beaten track giving it a real ‘hidden gem’ feel and according to multiple sources they serve the best pint of Guinness in Dublin.

Botanic Gardens:

While it’s hardly a hidden gem in itself, the Botanic Gardens contain many little quirks and hidden features that you might miss. Renovated from near ruin in the early 2000’s, the gardens are a real jewel in our crown and is now Ireland’s premier scientific institution for botany. It contains important collections of plant species from around the world and among the dozens of impressive artworks and sculptures contained within, one of the most formidable is the exquisitely restored glasshouses. Keep an eye out for the cute squirrels making themselves at home in the trees.

The Washerwoman:

The Washerwoman is an old pub that’s been converted into a restaurant and serves delicious local food and a great variety of drinks. The restaurant is a sister of well-known dining establishments, Winding Stair and Woollen Mills, but has a more casual feel and menu. While there are some expensive options on the menu, their array of generous dishes means you’ll never go home hungry. They source their ingredients from local suppliers where possible and it’s evident that a lot of research and thought has gone into creating a please-all menu.

If you’re looking for the perfect place to stay to explore Glasnevin or Dublin City, look no further than DCU Rooms. We offer a fantastic alternative to the inflated rates of hotel accommodation in the city and our on-site facilities are second to none. We’re also ideal for large and small group who are looking for reasonably priced accommodation. Contact our friendly reservations team today to arrange your stay.

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Sarah is a part-time travel writer and a full-time Dubliner, born and bred in this colourful city. She loves nothing more than exploring the beauty that’s on her doorstep and enjoying the many attractions and history that Dublin has to offer. She is passionate about writing and promoting her home town to anyone who will listen!

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