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In March 2018, Dublin City University announced a sustainability drive in an effort to become Ireland’s first plastic free campus. While being environmentally friendly is not a new concept for us, we have taken huge steps to ensure that our accommodation and campus is as sustainable as possible with the elimination of takeaway coffee cups, single-use plastic takeaway containers, takeaway cutlery, straws and single-use plastic bags. DCU rooms plan to follow suit and become a plastic-free hotel alternative.

What are DCU Rooms doing to become plastic free?

DCU officials identified a range of single-use plastic items given away in their hundreds each day across the campus, from forks with lunch to the straws in the bar. Plastic cups and glasses have been withdrawn from all campus’ with immediate effect and no more will be ordered from any of our suppliers. Takeaway coffee cups, single-use plastic takeaway containers, takeaway cutlery, straws and single-use plastic bags were all eliminated by September 2018 and we are working on removing plastic water and soft drink bottles in time to be plastic-free by 2020. The initiative is a combination of efforts from the University and Students Union who are working toward creating a more sustainable campus environment.

Our plastic-free campus is just phase one of the sustainability drive. DCU Rooms are striving to be as sustainable as we possibly can, doing our bit to help the environment and cut unnecessary expenditure across the campus. We are taking steps toward reducing our energy consumption, water usage, waste generation and increasing biodiversity enhancement. DCU is a registered participant of the national Green Campus programme and we have our own Green Committee who are committed to embedding sustainable practices across our University now and in the future.

Tips for going green while in Dublin

DCU rooms is a huge part of the campus and we would like to encourage all of our valued guests to help in our crusade to be as eco-friendly as we can. Here are some tips for greener living both at home and while travelling.
Avoid Driving
While DCU do offer ample parking, there are also alternatives like BleeperBike, Ireland’s first stationless bike-sharing scheme, which make it easy to rent and use bikes to get around. There are also excellent public transport links to and from DCU

Bring A Bag

Be mindful of packaging. Carry a reusable bag and refuse plastic wherever you can.

Switch It Off

Unplug appliances when not in use and switch off lights when you leave the room

Bottle It

Bring a reusable water bottle with you instead of using single-use containers. There are many water refill stations dotted around campus to fill your bottle and take it with you.

Go Vintage

Shopping in Dublin is fantastic and we have many great shopping streets but we have a huge range of second hand and vintage stores selling pre-loved and upcycled clothing and goods.

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